The Radar has an update rate of 4MHz. Each radar plate covers 120° azimuth for 360° detection. The radar detects and tracks all thing targets as small as 0.01 RCS.

Key Features

  • 3D Air-Surveillance Radar
  • S-Band Frequency Antenna
  • Rapid Deployment (less than 30 min.) Option to mount on a vehicle or tripod.
  • Minimal RCS Detection: 0.012 m²
  • Can be mounted on a vehicle or tripod


The camera system is modular and easily upgradeable with a range of electro-optics and infrared lenses. This make it specifically tailored to the different threats and requirements of the customer.

The visual feedback allows the operator to understand the types of threat both during day and night.

Key Features

  • Coverage: +-90° in elevation, 360° in azimuth.
  • Up-to 3km recognition and tracking range for target size of DJI Phantom 4.
  • Operational in all weather conditions, 24/7 observation.


The Long Range RF detector is fully passive (non-emitting) solutions. It senses the controller and the drone even if the drone hasn’t taken off the ground our library of drones is constantly updated.

Key Features

  • Coverage: +-90° in elevation, 360° in azimuth.
  • Drone detection and identification of protocol used.
  • Direction finding for WiFi frequencies with up to 5° RMS accuracy.
  • Up-to 4,000 m detection range.
  • Close to zero false alarms.


The RF drone signal jammer blocks the connection between the hostile drones video, telemetry, command & control, navigation systems and the devices operator.

The drones is effectively disabled and forced back to its home base or grounded at its current location by jamming the communication channels.

Key Features

  • Convert spectral jamming
  • The system will cut off any form of communication to and from the drone to the operator and back.
  • Multi- target jamming capability
  • Different jamming ranges can be achieved according to the client’s requirements up to 10km.
  • IL-STD-810F