Zebu's Standard
of Design

Carmel is a rugged and robust bullet proof vehicle ideally suited for the Defense and Homeland security. The Carmel, armored personnel carrier is constructed of certified ballistic steel and features a modular design, which can be configured as per specific needs

Fire Resistant Paints & Coating

Fire resistant paints and coating efficiently prevent fire spreading rapidly in case of explosion and blast, as it contribute flame and smoke not to spread inside the chambers

The Modular & Spacious Interior

The interior is fitted with a dual air-conditioner. It can be altered to accommodate a variety of mission equipment based on the operational requirements. The interior houses up to four stretchers and first-aid kit in ambulance configuration

Troop carrier chamber

The crew compartment accommodates a driver and a commander, while the troop compartment carries up to six infantrymen also have an additional storage to space to keep troop's essentials handy

Tubeless tires with run flat inserts

The system converts regular tires and wheels into run flat tires. With these installed, the vehicle can continue moving under control with one or more flat tires, thus avoiding a possible disastrous accident.

Bullet proof and Blast proof Glass

Two ballistic glass windows with mesh security grilles are provided on both sides of the troop compartment to offer good visibility. Occupants can enter or leave the vehicle through two rear doors. The crew cabin has two side doors with bullet-proof glass windows.

Dual chamber projector head lamps.

Carmel equipped with new age projector head lamps that help light up of the darkest spots of the roads with amazing brightness experience.

Fog Lamp & Convoy Lamp

Blackout lights are especial lenses that are designed to cast a diffused horizontal beam of light for the driver vehicle to navigate them. They are intended for use when driving a convoy at night when it is necessary for the vehicles to maintain concealment by limiting their ability to be seen by the enemy.